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Probono, refers to professional work undertaken voluntarily. The probono portal brings together non-profit organisations in India that need skilled volunteers, and companies in India that have professional employees who want to help.

You are exactly in the place you should be! The probono portal provides you with a first of its kind opportunity to work with accredited non-profits on projects that make a difference, creating social impact.

You can do this in five simple steps:

Step 1. Register

Register yourself as a volunteer. Registration is easy, just a short form to fill and you're all set! You will need to fill out your profile completely as non-profits would like to review it before they award projects. Once you are registered on the probono portal, you can find projects that may interest you on which you want to work.

Step 2. Find

Registered? Great! Now head to the Find Projects page where you can find the right project by selecting your functional area (skills) or city. A list of projects matching your functional area will display and you can pick the one you feel would best fit your core skills, as well as your interests and the causes you care about.

Step 3. Apply

Simply click Volunteer Now on the projects you like. You can apply for multiple projects. You will receive an acknowledgement for each application with the contact details of the non-profit who owns the project. You need to activate your application by clicking the URL provided in the acknowledgement. The non-profit will be receiving many applications, and will contact you if your skills and experience are the best fit for the project under consideration.

Step 4. Interview

If the NGO thinks your profile matches the skills and experience that they are looking for in the project, they will then arrange for a telephonic interview with you to go through the details of the project and the expectations from you. This is the opportunity for you to get all the details about the project and ask any questions that you may have (you will perhaps have many!).

Step 5. Off to work!

Once you both accept the project work, you can begin work. While working on the project, you can add your comments to the project details page. These are notes that both you and the non-profit can refer to. It is a good idea to keep the non-profit informed about the work on a regular basis and also keep in touch with your company's CSR desk.

For any further questions, please visit the FAQs page.