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Concept of National Volunteering Week


Concept of National Volunteering Week


Even though volunteerism plays such an important role in a nation’s progress, due importance and recognition to the volunteers is still lacking, while millions of volunteers who are engaged with the voluntary sector to provide their valuable support need more encouragement. Despite very large number of Indians doing selfless service, many more need to join hands.


Countries around the world have National Volunteering Programs & Weeks to support individuals as well as organizations of all sizes and mandates. Volunteer Weeks in USA, England, Australia and Canada support all efforts to recognize and celebrate the great contributions of community volunteers. Volunteering Days like the Sewa Day originating in UK (which takes up the concept of Sewa embedded in Indian traditions), and the International Volunteering Day (5th December) offer an opportunity for volunteer organizations and individual volunteers to make visible their contributions and co-opt others in their work.


India too needs her own National Volunteering Week – a week where millions of Indians can celebrate the virtue of selfless service and share their common purpose to make India a developed, inclusive and progressive nation, that has much to offer to the world. This week will unite the nation in its spirits, its intentions and most importantly in its commitment to engage Indians from all walks of life in celebrating, initiating and expanding the act of service for the common good.


This initiative is being driven by India@75, a grass roots and path breaking initiative for realising the dream of an inclusive, sustainable and developed India by the year 2022, when India completes 75 years of Independence. India@75 seeks to bring together various stakeholders from industry, academia, community groups, governments and individuals to translate this vision into a reality.

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